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Afghan Mellat


The Neo Nazi group Afghan Mellat is the social equivalent of AIDS.  They are undermining the very fabrics of Afghanistan’s socio-political viability, and dangerously threatening the future of Afghanistan as a nation. 

Afghan Mellat in Afghanistan is what Hitler’s Nazi was in Germany and what the KKK is in America.  It is a disease that needs to be dealt with swiftly.   Giving the widespread mentality of ethno-racism and bigotry among the Pashtuns and their overall disregard for the wellbeing of Afghanistan as a country, it is not surprising to see that dangerous movements such as the Neo Nazi Afghan Mellat have crept up and poisoned the environment.  After all, a filthy swamp is where the viruses develop and fester.

The public had first hoped that the Afghan Mellat would be an isolated case, and that the Pashtuns would be more loyal to Afghanistan and care for the welfare of our country and its people.  The Pashtuns should have been more socially and politically responsible and should have stayed away from undermining the national foundation of our country and from sabotaging its future.  

But of course that wasn’t the case.  It seems that Pashtuns from all walks of life have one thing in common and that is their tendency to place their narrow and selfish ethnic interests ahead and above the national interests of Afghanistan. They all seem to share the same ethno-fascistic mentality which is hailed and promoted by the Neo Nazi Afghan Millar group.  

It seems that as long as people like Anwar Haq Ahady, Asharf Ghani Ahmadzai, Hashmat Ghani Ahmadzai, Amin Arsala, Atmaar, Wakman, Sharzai, Enam Wak, Ali Jalili or any other sag-zai, khar-zai, watan-frosh-zai, walad-zena-zai, be-wejdan-zai, they are all infected with the ethno-fascism disease of Afghan-Mellat and are actively involved in destroying Afghanistan and its people.

This may provide one with enough evidence to make a plausible conclusion that it may be part of genetic pool of all these dagha-paghas that make them such watan-frosh, traitorous, racist, bigoted, anti-Afghanistan, and socially harmful and politically dangerous.

Just read or listen the way all these Pashtuns find the guts to shamelessly defend Neo Nazi Afghan-Mellat group and justify its Hitler style agenda.  With the Pashtuns in such a state of prevailing ethno-racism and watan-froshi, the future of Afghanistan doomed and dismal indeed.


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