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Pashtuns also have been known to participate in bestiality.


Soldier's shame over donkey sex
AN Afghan soldier was detained by police after being caught having sex with a donkey in southeastern Afghanistan, a police officer said today.

The soldier was discovered with the donkey in an abandoned house in a small village of Gardez, the capital of Paktia province, last week, a local police officer said.

"He was caught in the act by a small boy who immediately told police about what he had seen and police arrested him in action," the Gardez-based officer said, requesting anonymity.

The soldier claimed he committed the act because he did not have enough money to get married.

After being caught with the donkey in a village about 100km south of the capital Kabul, he was jailed for four days and then released without charge.

According to tradition in south and southeastern Afghanistan, a suitor must pay around $US5,000 ($A6,800) to the parents of the girl he wishes to marry.,5478,8986634%255E1702,00.html